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What is an Avocet?
The Ameican Avocet (Recurvirostra americana) is a medium sized shore bird which ranges throughout the Western U.S. and Canada; migrating seasonally South as far as Central America. Other varieties of avocets exist in Europe, Asia, and Australia. To our eye it is an elegant, well built bird, and is well adapted to its environment. Our efforts, we hope, share those qualities.

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Click: More about the bird with special thanks
to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Avocet Communication started in January 2000, and from the begining it has been dedicated to providing high quality, visually appealing solutions for publication in print, on the internet, for broadcast, or for display. While striving to reflect the best contemporary design, and using applications appropriate to achieving the best results, our standard is to aim high.

Presently, for web work we design and publish a wide variety of custom sites from original art. Several of our sites on co-located virtual servers we host. We are expanding our offerings as well as developing capabilities for handling more demanding animation, video for web, programming, data-base, and dynamic content solutions for our clients.

For printed materials, display advertising, and large format printing we provide graphic design and printing/publishing services for a wide variety of clients. Applications include advertising, full wrap truck and auto signs and decals, trade show displays of any size.